Learning, Teaching and Training Activities (LTTAs)

1st LTTA 

Venue: Catarroja, Spain
Leading organization: AKOE EDUCACIÓN COOP.V
Period: 21-25th November, 2022
Duration: 5 days

This training event was to share experience, knowledge and skills among partners in financial literacy for kids and not only. It was organized after the completion of Result1 (National analysis, International findings and Methodical material (1st version)) and the first draft of Result2 (Training programme), in order to prepare partners to carry out the Training of Teachers (TOTs) and initiate the testing phase of R2. In addition, part of the event was dedicated on training all partners on the methodology that will be adopted for the writing of the Visual Novel stories.

2nd LTTA 

Venue: Kaunas, Lithuania
Leading organization: eMundus
Period: 26th – 30th June 2023
Duration: 5 days

On the 26-30th of June, 2023 international training of DigiFinEdu trainers “Storytelling and gamification as motivational techniques for teaching kids financial literacy” took place in Kaunas, Lithuania. This event was organized after development of DigiFinEdu Didactical material (the 2nd main output of DigiFinEdu project) as well after the creation of the first scenarios of DigiFinEDU Visual Novel. It was the 2nd training of trainers and this time the event focused on the relevant DigiFinEDU practical activities where each country educators presented their practices and the rest of participants experienced them as students. As well training involved external experts who exchanged their knowledge and expertise in game design, gamification and storytelling. 

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Partners learned about storytelling techniques, game design software, and the technical features that DigiFinEDU Visual Novel will have to respect, in order to actively participate and contribute to its development. Thus, this event was necessary to establish a fruitful collaboration on the development of DigiFinEdu Visual Novel (which is the 3rd output of the project).

Partnership also had a great opportunity to visit Swedbank Financial Lab in one of the biggest banks in Lithuania and also to follow educational programme in another event in Money Museum.

Furthermore, the event equipped all participants with a deeper understanding of the role that gamification plays and will play an important role in the future especially when we talk about kids education and financial literacy here is not an exception as well.

All in all, training invited different groups of participants (education experts, teachers, project managers, video game developers and writers, parents), provided all the participants (but especially the partners) with a wide knowledge on all the project’s topics (gamification, financial literacy, pedagogical methodologies), contributing concretely in enhancing their professional skills.

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