Learning, Teaching and Training Activities (LTTAs)

1st LTTA 

Venue: Catarroja, Spain

Leading organization: AKOE EDUCACIÓN COOP.V

Period: 21-25th November, 2022

Duration: 5 days

This training event aims to share experience, knowledge and skills among partners in financial literacy for kids and not only. It was organized after the completion of Result1 (National analysis, International findings and Methodical material (1st version)) and the first draft of Result2 (Training programme), in order to prepare partners to carry out the Training of Teachers (TOTs) and initiate the testing phase of R2. In addition, part of the event was dedicated on training all partners on the methodology that will be adopted for the writing of the Visual Novel stories.

2nd LTTA 

Venue: Kaunas, Lithuania

Leading organization: eMundus

Period: 06.2023

Duration: 5 days

Description: The goal of this event is to continue to iterate and expand on the sharing of experience, knowledge and skills among partners. Whereas the 1st LTTA had a focus on financial education, this event will focus on the introduction of gamification elements in education. eMundus will present the Visual Novel and participants will try it out and open up a discussion.

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