Transnational Partners Meetings (TPMs)

Kick-off Meeting

On the 24th and 25th of February, DigiFinEdu partnership met in Raseiniai, Lithuania at the premises of the project’s coordinator Raseiniai Šaltinis Pro-gymnasium for the first project’s Transnational Partners Meeting (TPM).

The meeting was an excellent opportunity to better know about each other knowledge, experience and strengthen the cooperation. Partners discussed the general project’s aim, objectives, updated the material developed so far and defined the deadlines for the following activities.

Venue: Raseiniai, Lithuania
Leading organization: Raseiniai Šaltinis Pro-gymnasium
Period: 24-25.02.2022

2nd DigiFinEdu Transnational Partners Meeting

On the 11 th and 12 th of July 2022, partners met in Sesimbra (Portugal) for the 2nd Transnational Partners Meeting (TPM) of the DigiFinEdu project.

The meeting was organized by CREF and it was dedicated to the analysis of the results obtained during the first phase of the project’s activities and the definition of the following activities, concerning the development of the second project result: R2 – DigiFinEdu Didactical Material.

The results of the research carried out in the previous months provided a thorough account concerning students’, teachers’, and parents’ levels of Financial Literacy (FinLit) in all partner countries (Lithuania, Bulgaria, Portugal, The Netherlands, and Spain).

The meeting was very proficient, thanks to the partners’ dedication and hard work, which will ensure the success of the project.

Venue: Sesimbra, Portugal
Leading organization: CREF
Period: 11-12.07.2022

3rd DigiFinEdu Transnational Partners Meeting

This transnational meeting was focused on discussing the exploitation of Results. It was agreed on the final evaluation, sustainability and further ideas for continuing cooperation and collaboration activities. Also, a strong focus was put on the Final Report to be submitted after the project ends.

Venue: Zoetermeer, The Netherlands
Leading organization: Youth Initiative Center
Period: 02.11.2023

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