Aim and Objectives

DigiFinEDU mainly aims to increase primary and lower secondary education pupils’ (9-12 y.o.) FinLit in order to help them become financially resilient adults. To reach this general objective, the project will also aim to the attainment of the following 4 specific objectives:

  • To promote the implementation of FinLit in primary and lower secondary education;
  • To improve parents’ and teachers’ competencies in the teaching of FinLit;
  • To increase the inclusion of parents in their children’s education process;
  • To raise awareness on FinLit education policies and strategies on a national and international scale.

Target Groups:

Primary and early secondary education pupils (9 – 12 y.o.)

They will receive a more coherent and accurate FinLit teaching programme, helping them develop adequate financial competencies.

Primary and early secondary education teachers

They will receive training to effectively teach FinLit to their pupils.


They will also improve their FinLit competencies, playing an active in role in the educational development of their children.

Local, Regional, National and EU institutions

They will obtain more data and information on FinLit policies. The data collected during DigiFinEdu project implementation will be aimed to draft effective policy recommendations.

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