R1 – DigiFinEdu: Methodological Material

R1 provides an account of the current context of FinLit both at national and transnational level through the delivery of a desk research on FinLit teaching in partners countries and a report on teachers’ and parents’ perception and knowledge on FinLit through the administration of surveys in partner and associated partners schools. 

Upon completion of the desk and survey research, partners have worked on the creation of the Methodological Material, which have guided them in the development of the subsequent results.


1. National Reports on teachers and parents’ perception of FinLit

2. National and Transnational Analyses reports

3. Methodological Material (e-book)


R2 – DigiFinEdu: Didactical Material for teachers and parents

DigiFinEDU Didactical Material consists of 10 modules with lesson plans, including instructions for teachers, various material for students (handout, tables, exercises, etc.) and also activities dedicated for the teaching of FinLit at home, with parents and their children.

The Didactical Material was tested both in schools and households. To carry out the testing, partners have trained the teachers on how to adopt DigiFinEDU methodology and material in school. Upon conclusion of the trainings, the material was tested in partner and associated partner schools. Partners evaluated the testing through the administration of questionnaires to teachers and students.


1. Didactical material and lesson plans


2. Instructions for teachers and parents

3. Testing evaluation reports

R3 – DigiFinEdu: Visual Novel

In the game, students are engaged through a compelling story with fictional (but realistic) situations involving financial decisions. The game is divided in 12 episodes, according to the number of modules created in R2 – Didactical materials.

The game was tested internally by partners and externally within partner and associated partners schools to evaluate its effectiveness. It was used in combination with the other project’s results created. In particular, partners addressed one topic per story as follows:

1. Beginner stories (tot. 4)

I want to but my bike, which provide learners with information about what mortgages are and how they work;

How to stay safe online and avoid problems, which provide content related to cybersecurity;

Dilemma of money, related to the relationship between finance and ethics.

Patience test, related to interest rates.

2. Intermediate level stories (tot. 5)

An inflation problem, which addresses the topic of inflation;

Journey through the kingdom of finance, which explains what money is and what it values.

Reach your dream, which provides examples and practices of smart spending habits.

Taxes return from everyone, which is related to what personal income tax, profit tax and value-added tax are;

I want to be a filmmaker, related to marketing.

3. Expert stories (tot. 3)

My cooperative, which addresses multiple topics such as fundraising entrepreneurship and cost-benefit ratio.

Young entrepreneur, which provides learners with basics of entrepreneurship;

I want to study in another city, that is related to rents.

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